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Sandwich panel

Sandwich panel is the system that protects the structures from external factors and offers the most practical and economical solution for a strong stance. sandwich panels; It is used as modern, light and durable building elements, to cover the roofs and facades of buildings, to obtain insulated interior partitions or cold stores.

Sandwich panels that protect you against external factors by taking place on all sides of your building and on the roof; It is produced by filling thick and low density insulation material between two thin high density metal surfaces. These structural elements, which have high load carrying capacity despite their low weight, are produced in uninterrupted lines ready for assembly.

It is necessary to choose different insulation materials according to the needs of the buildings. Sandwich panels are produced in all insulation types, including PUR, PIR, Mineral Wool and EPS. Which sandwich panel is suitable for your building; You can make the choice considering the heat, humidity, sound insulation and fire resistance needs of your building.

Sandwich panels are generally used in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, cold stores, social structures, power plants, agriculture and livestock structures.


The sandwich panel, which is a composite product, consists of two metal surfaces and an insulating material. The preservation of the long-lasting structure of the sandwich panels depends on the design of the product components by choosing the right technical specifications according to the needs of the building, the environment and climatic conditions.

The outer surface of the sandwich panels must be resistant to temperature changes, UV rays and external environmental conditions. The inner surface must be resistant to chemical and physical effects and condensation that may arise from the internal environment of the building.

In addition, the carrying capacity of the sandwich panels formed with the insulation material used in accordance with the needs of the building should be calculated correctly according to the loads they will be exposed to.

After the assembly made in accordance with the standards, the sandwich panels and accessories should be checked at least once a year and cleaned and maintained. Damages caused by environmental conditions should be repaired without delay.



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