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Steel Construction Building Reinforcement

Steel construction reinforcement is a reinforcement method that is widely used in buildings that are old, but important both materially and spiritually. With this method, especially the carcass systems of reinforced concrete structures are repaired or supported and strengthened. Columns and beams, which draw attention as load-bearing elements, can be damaged over time due to increased load and excessive use. In these cases, steel construction reinforcement is preferred so that the buildings can stand firmly against a possible earthquake hazard. The reasons such as the increase in the load in the buildings, the formation of gaps in the beams and destruction channels, and the low quality of the concrete cause the need for steel construction reinforcement. By making use of this reinforcement option, reinforced concrete buildings can be made stronger and stronger in a very simple and easy way.

Why is Building Reinforcement Made with Steel Construction ?

To speak in terms of Turkey, since we are located in a country in the earthquake zone, the buildings must always be in a solid state. When we look at the large-scale earthquakes in the past, we have suffered a lot as a country with unstable buildings. If we look at the statements of earthquake experts today, we may face a large-scale earthquake in the near future as a country. For this reason, especially old and important buildings should be improved with steel construction reinforcement in order to make the buildings more robust and earthquake-ready. Steel construction reinforcement will be the most logical choice for those who want to make the bearing elements of the buildings more durable by wrapping or supporting them with a steel layer. If there is visible damage to the load-bearing elements of your buildings or if you suspect that this may be the case because your buildings are old even though you cannot see them, we recommend that you contact a building reinforcement firm. The strengthening process you will have as soon as possible will give you a chance to live a safer life.

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