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Wrought İron

Wrought iron simply means cast iron. In particular, iron is exposed to high heat and is shaped by forging in this direction. Later, with its special methods, it creates a beautiful aesthetic structure for the relevant area. Not only aesthetic, but also a durable and safe structure emerges. It is possible to say that it is a building that is highly evaluated especially for balcony areas. It has a much lower carbon structure than wrought iron. For this reason, when it is bent enough to break, the particle structure inside can be seen clearly.


Due to its durable and aesthetic structure, wrought iron is used in many different areas today. It comes among the indispensable elements of many different structures and buildings, especially with a wide usage area. In this direction, the areas where wrought iron structure is used are as follows;

- Balcony door

- Balcony railing

- Garden door

- Garden scarecrow

- Stair railing

- Window guard

- Wrought iron door



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